Post testing CONSULTATION time is used to review and interpret test results and reach an understanding as to how results may affect you and/or your family.

Test results are usually back to our office within 1-4 weeks. During your consultation, you will be given a full copy of the test report, and the doctor will review how the results relate to your medical care. You can decide to share your results with your referring or any other physician at that visit.

  • If you have a positive result, it means that you have a genetic variant (mutation) that is associated with a higher risk of developing cancer. The impact this mutation may have on your overall lifetime cancer risk will be discussed . We will help you review ways in which to lower your potential risk, or adapt your monitoring so that cancers can be diagnosed at earlier, more easily-treated stages. We will also discuss impact on family members and advise who may benefit from testing and when it should be offered. 
  • If your test result is negative, the cancer gene mutations you were tested for were not found, and the risk of developing related cancers is reduced. Keep in mind, however, that your overall risk may still be elevated based on medical history, an as yet undiscovered mutation, or other risk factors.  How this relates to your risk will be discussed in detail. 
  • If the test result shows a Variance of Uncertain Significance (VUS), it means a variant (mutation) was noted, but there is not enough information to determine if the variant (mutation) increases your risk of developing cancer. Over time, updates from the testing labs clarify whether a VUS should be ‘upgraded’ to a ‘positive’  (i.e. cancer-related) mutation, or ‘downgraded’ to a ‘negative’ (i.e. benign, noncancer-related) variant.  How to proceed with current medical decision-making will be discussed. Instructions for follow up on genetic test updates will also provided.