The goal of RISK ASSESSMENT is to help determine if you may have a higher risk of developing cancer.

  • If cancer runs in your family, or if you have had precancerous biopsies, or other risks factors, it will help guide screenings.
  • If you are a survivor, it can help clarify steps you can take if you or other family members are at risk for the same or other cancers.
  • If you are newly-diagnosed, it may help you decide how to proceed with certain treatment decisions.

Your assessment is based on a detailed medical history, including tests and biopsies that may have been done in the past, as well as your family history of cancer.

A calculated risk analysis may be done  in addition to genetic testing. Gathering medical records, test reports, and accurate family information before your visit is extremely helpful.

We do encourage calling or even bringing other family members to your visit. Personal and family attitudes may play a role in decisions to test, and will be explored along with any questions you may have about risk analysis and/or testing.